Adoption Process


Picking out a puppy is a serious task. We encourage all our customers to do their research and understand different breeds and their specific traits. We care about each of our puppies, and we want them all to live a good life with a good family that is prepared and educated about their specific needs.



For convenience we accept deposits on puppies via PayPal transaction but, we ask that you please call us before making a deposit. The deposit will go towards the purchase price of the puppy.

When your transaction is complete you will receive an email receipt. Please let us know if you need assistance and we will gladly help.

Final Payment will be due at 8 weeks of age or at the time of pickup. The preferred payment method is cash, and we regret that we cannot accept checks of any kind. In some cases, we can accept PayPal, although a 3% processing fee will apply. Therefore, we encourage all our adopters to come prepared with the correct amount of cash  to ensure a smooth transaction.


Sales Tax

Illinois law requires us to collect a 7.25% (6.25 State +1% Coles County) sales tax on all puppies sold in the state of Illinois. Please do not neglect to include that in the final purchase cost. Read more about sales tax requirements at



Your deposit is nonrefundable. If you default and do not pick up your puppy, your deposit will be used to offset the cost of finding a different home for the puppy. We try to be compassionate and make allowances for special circumstances beyond your control.


Owners Responsibility

We ask for the new owners to provide a healthy living environment (clean bedding, sufficient food, and water), stay up to date on vaccinations and deworming, to invest time in training, and provide for their emotional welfare.


Leaving the Nursery

Your puppy will not be ready to go their new home until they reach a minimum of 8 weeks old. We will make it our goal to give you weekly updates on your puppies with photos and/or videos that we post on our website and/or Facebook page.  We know you are anxiously awaiting your new puppy, but the puppies must pass their puppy health check, provided by a licensed vet, before they can be released. By the rare occasion they are not ready to go we reserve the right to keep the puppy longer for the safety of the puppy. We will be in full contact with you on updates about your puppy’s well being.

When your puppy is ready to go, we will contact you to make an appointment for pickup. You will receive a going away basket that will include health records, registration forms (if applicable), bag of food, and a toy to help prepare you for your new puppy.


Visitation Policy

We take great care of our puppies and we wish to keep them as healthy as we can. We ask that only serious customers come visit the puppies to reduce the risk of someone unintentionally bringing in a harmful disease (like parvo, giardia, etc) into the nursery and risking the health of our puppies. Please note that it places stress on the mother when strangers are around her puppies and handling them.

Adoption Process

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